How Do Termites Communicate

How Do Termites Communicate?

Do you know how termites communicate? They use a variety of methods, including pheromones, vibrations, and physical contact. In this blog post, we will discuss the different methods of communication that termites use and how they benefit the colony.

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Chemical Messaging

Chemical Messaging

Termites use chemical signaling to communicate with one another. Within the colony, each family group, known as castes, produces a distinct termite pheromone aroma. The colony’s existence and expansion are dependent on the identification of these various pheromone odors.

Marking Spots

Termites eat wood, as well as everything constructed of wood, such as cardboard, books, and paper. Year-round, worker termites seek wood food sources in a random and continuous manner. Workers use their sternal glands to emit a pheromone aroma to identify the location of a food supply.

As they return to the colony, they continue to leave this aroma in their wake. This creates a termite trail, which directs their colony mates to the food source and back.

Communicating Through Food

The word “trophallaxis” refers to the termite’s technique of transferring food around the colony. This can be accomplished by regurgitating food from the stomach and passing it from mouth to mouth or by transferring fluids from the anus to the mouth. This food sharing also distributes the queen’s chemical communications to the colony’s whole population.

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Termite Pheromones

Termite Pheromones

Termite pheromones serve a variety of functions, the most significant of which is to defend the colony from predators. If a termite colony is threatened by an animal, bug, or another natural opponent, the termites closest to the threat will begin to hammer their heads against the colony’s walls, causing a vibration.

This vibration is accompanied by the production of an alarm pheromone, which serves to alert other termites to the danger. To safeguard the colony, termite warriors rush at the invaders.

Queen’s Control

The queen can detect a lack of pheromone given out by a certain termite caste since each has its own characteristic pheromone aroma. For example, if ants attack the colony and kill a significant number of soldiers, reducing the amount of fragrance produced by this group, the queen will create more soldiers to refill the supply.

Termite Vibrations

Termites have devised a novel method of alerting the remainder of the nest to the presence of an approaching predator. And it looks much like what you’d see a human perform at a concert. Head-banging.

This is true; termites knock their heads on the colony’s walls to alert other termites when the nest is being attacked. Vibrations propagate throughout the nest as a result of the head-banging. When one termite detects this, he or she makes the identical movement, causing the vibration to spread throughout the colony.

Dealing With Termites

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FAQ’s About Termite Communication

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about termite communication:

Why Do Termites Communicate the Way They Do?

Termites communicate in order to defend their colony, find food, and transfer information about the queen.

Are Termites Blind?

To interact with the environment around them, termites rely on senses other than sight. Workers and soldiers are completely blind, whereas termite kings, queens, and reproductives have small, feeble eyes.

Why Do Termites Communicate the Way They Do?

Termites communicate in order to defend their colony, find food, and transfer information about the queen.


Termites communicate through a variety of methods that include pheromones, contact, sounds, and vibrations. By understanding how they communicate, we can learn from their behavior and apply it to our own lives.

We hope this blog post has helped you learn about how termites communicate with each other. If you have more questions in mind, feel free to give us a call today!

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